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Observatory of Geopolitical studies

The Observatory of Geopolitical Studies (OEG) is a French institute, which has the aim of contributing to the promotion of scientific research in the various fields of geopolitics. A Scientific Council gathers a team of academics, researchers, specialists and diplomats. The president of this Scientific Council is Professor Jean-Yves de Cara.

The Observatory of geopolitical studies has its main office in Paris, an office in Beirut and correspondents in many countries (Abu-Dhabi, Amman, Brussels, Budapest, Cairo, Djibouti, Germany, London, Rabat…).


Director is Dr Charles Saint-Prot

Professor Charles Saint-Prot is doctor in political science and searcher at the Institute of Public Law at Faculté de droit de Paris Descartes, specializing in Islamic studies and geopolitics. He is a regular speaker at various institutes and universities. He took part or organized many lectures, conferences and symposiums in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Bruxelles, Cairo, Doha, Geneva, London, Montréal, Paris, Rabat, Strasbourg, Tunis, etc.
Dr Charles Saint-Prot is the author of numerous works, some of which have been translated into English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese. 

President of the association is Dr Zeina el Tibi

Dr Zeina el Tibi is a French – Lebanese journalist and searcher. She is the correspondent in France of the Lebanese magazine Al Ayam. She has several publications in French and Arabic.


Website: etudes-geopolitiques.org

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